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If You Need To Sell Your House Fast In Orange, NJ and Surrounding Areas, Connect With Us. We’d Love To Make You a Fair No-obligation No-hassle Offer. No Fees. No Commissions.

We Buy Houses, CASH, Anywhere In Orange, NJ and Surrounding Areas, At ANY PRICE, and ANY CONDITIONS.

We Buy Houses in Orange, NJ

Savannah PropertiesBuys Houses in Orange NJ

Do you want to sell your Orange home, but dread the long and stressful process that goes with it? When you think “I want to sell my house fast in Orange, NJ,” you need to make sure that your house gets sold as quickly as possible. That’s where Savannah Properties comes in. We buy houses in Orange, NJ, ensuring a quick sale so that you can get the stress-free solution of which you have been dreaming.

Life in Orange, NJ

Orange, NJ, is known for being a commercial center of the Northern part of New Jersey. If you enjoy shopping, East Orange is known for its fine dining establishments and high fashion retail. Orange is a suburb that is about 15 minutes away from New York, one that is great for families and individuals alike.

Shopping isn’t the only reason to move to Orange, NJ. For instance, if you have kids, you absolutely need to check out nearby Hoboken. Orange is a convenient location to move to because you are close to everything that you could conceivably want to do.

There Are Many Reasons to Sell Your Orange, NJ Home

At Savannah Properties, we specialize in making fast and fair cash offers for your home, no matter what it’s condition. We understand that there are many reasons as to why you want to get rid of your house fast and get the money. Some of the most common reasons we see for this include:

  • You have medical bills piling up, and you can’t afford your mortgage payments anymore: The sad reality today is that many people are put in financial hardship to pay for their medical needs, so people want to sell their house fast and for the best price possible.
  • You are going through a complicated and messy divorce: Divorce is prevalent these days, especially the messier ones. There’s no need to complicate matters further when you sell your house fast for real cash with Savannah Properties.
  • You are struggling to keep up with your monthly payments: It’s no fun going broke for a house you can no longer afford. Rather than wait out the sales process, sell the property and get one that you can better afford without all of the stress.
  • Life has changed since you bought your home: Whether you need to downgrade because the family has moved out or because of changes to your financial situation, quickly selling your house allows you to get on with your life.
  • Your house has been sitting on the market for a long time, and you’re afraid of losing money on it: Don’t wait any longer, contact us to purchase your property for cash fast.
  • Your house needs work to be able to sell it: Is your home in disrepair or just ugly? Big projects scare off potential buyers in the traditional process, but we’re not scared. We’ll buy your house in as-is condition without you having to spend a fortune on repairs.

Savannah Properties buys all sorts of properties across Orange, NJ for whatever reason. We understand that life happens, and people have their own personal and financial struggles. That’s why we offer help by giving you the quick sales and monetary relief for which you have been looking. Call us today. You’ll be surprised how much we’ll offer you for your home.

How Does Selling to Savannah Properties Work?

The process is much more straightforward than what you would go through if you went through the traditional motions of selling your home. You spend months trying to sell it, spend a fortune to make your home sales-ready, and you don’t get any of that money back that you put into selling it, and you have to pay commissions off of the sale. Selling your home is a long process that can be made even more stressful if you need the money fast and can’t afford the longer sales process.

That’s where we come in. When you contact us, we will work with you to find a time that works with your schedule. We then come out to meet you and assess the property. If we do make an offer (which is the likely scenario), we can make sure that you get your cash in 24 hours after you agree to our terms. Within 14 days, the property will be sold, and the sales process would have been a quick and easy one for you to go through.

There is no hassle or fuss when you sell your home to us. There are no middlemen to worry about or commissions cutting into your profits. You don’t have to worry about the long process of finding someone to purchase your home and waiting for them to secure financing. We offer real cash, without any hidden fees, in a transparent and fast sales process.

Get Cash for Your Home Today

It doesn’t matter if your house has been on the market for long or why you want to sell your home fast. At Savannah Properties, we genuinely want to make the process as seamless and fast as possible. You have your own reasons and struggles for why you want to sell the house now. We just want to be the firm to help you out with that.

When you contact us, you are approaching a reputable firm that has had many years of experience buying homes across Orange, NJ. This knowledge and expertise help us offer you the fairest price possible for your home and get through the sales process as soon as possible. Everyone needs some help sometimes, and we are here to help you with unloading your house as fast as possible. The traditional sales process can take so long that any problems that you may be having will only get worse. We offer you an honest and hassle-free solution that helps you get rid of your home and get your money fast.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

How The Process Works

No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket. You’ll Get A Fair Offer – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All Costs!


Tell us about your property – Quick, Easy & Free!


If it meets our buying criteria, we’ll contact you to set up a quick appointment


We’ll present you w/ a fair written, no-obligation offer


Cash in your hands in as little as 7 days

Why Sell Your Orange, NJ House To Us?

We Buy Houses Anywhere In Orange, NJ and Surrounding Areas, And At Any Price. Check Out How Our Process Works.


    We are trustworthy local investors and we will treat you professionally and with respect.


    We have over 7 years experience in the Orange, NJ real estate market.


    We pay cash. No banks, realtors, inspections necessary.


    We buy your house as-is. No improvements. No repairs. No cleaning.


    We can close quickly. Sometimes as fast as 10 days.

Selling To Savannah Properties VS. Listing With A Local Agent

We Buy Houses Anywhere In Orange, NJ and Surrounding Areas, And At Any Price. Check Out How Our Process Works. We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Offer For Your House.

Selling w/ An Agent

SOLD To SavannahProperties

Commissions / Fees:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red0 6% on average is paid by you, the seller

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green0 NONE

Who Pays Closing Costs?:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red1 2% on average is paid by you, the seller

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green1 NONE – We pay all costs

Inspection & Financing Contingency*:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red2 Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green2 NONE

Appraisal Needed:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red3 Yes, sale is often subject to appraisal

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green3 NONE – We make cash offers

Average Days Until Sold:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red4 +/- 91 Days

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green4 IMMEDIATE CASH OFFER

Number of Showings:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red5 It Depends

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green5 1-2 (Just Us)

Closing Date:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red6 30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green6 The Date Of YOUR CHOICE

Who Pays For Repairs?:

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-red7 Negotiated During Inspection Period

we-buy-houses-orange-nj-green7 NONE – We pay for all repairs

Customer Testimonials


Robert K.

Cherry Hill, NJ

" I thought I was going to lose my house to the bank, but Ricky with Savannah was a life safer. He bought the property for cash and stopped the foreclosure!"


Alex L.

Ewing, NJ

" After falling behind on our mortgage we weren't sure what to do. Ricky ran me through a few creative options and helped get our house sold quickly. Thanks"


Paul S.

Trenton, NJ

" I can attest to these guys as real closers, got my house saved from ruining my credit and got me paid!"


Irene C.

Princeton, NJ

" Our family was in a tough situation and needed some cash fast. We're extremely grateful to have worked with Steve through this tough time. We're happy to say we're living a comfortable life now thanks to you! "


Christopher G.

Hamilton, NJ

" What a pleasure to work with your company! You were so knowledgable, friendly, and accommodating during every step. I'm very grateful for your honesty and professionalism."


Alex H.

Willingboro, NJ

"Savannah are some pros. They gave me options that no realtor gave me, thanks again for the cash offer."

Get Your Cash Offer Today

We Buy Houses Anywhere In Orange, NJ & Surrounding Areas, And At Any Price. Check Out How Our Process Works. We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Offer For Your House.