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    Chris Milan
    Chris Milan
    20:42 01 Dec 19
    It was a very good experience. I had doubts about bender, and actually it was very fast. In a short time he received... the money from the house. Best of all, they helped me buy a new house. They are extremely kind and good people. Today I am very calm in a new house. Thank you.I highly recommend it. Thanks, again.read more
    AJ Macaitis
    AJ Macaitis
    03:53 23 Nov 19
    Kyle Hoffman
    Kyle Hoffman
    19:32 29 Oct 19
    I can't express enough how greatful I am for the help and support Savannah Properties gave me. I was in the market to... sell my house but I needed to sell it quick. I didn't want the hassle of a long wait, putting more money into it, ect. I spoke to the owner and explained my situation. He was very, very patient with me and open to hearing my situation. He did not put on the typical salesperson attitude or just ask me how much he can give me. He asked me the basics but what impressed me the most was he asked me what's important to me, not what's important to him. I had some difficult obstacles to overcome and Savannah went out of there way to help me with those obstacles. They came back with a very reasonable cash offer and we were able to close within a very short period of time.If you're looking to sell your property, Savannah is your go to organization.read more
    Robert Blazer
    Robert Blazer
    19:17 29 Oct 19
    Francesca Peloro
    Francesca Peloro
    00:58 21 Oct 19
    Jordan Kolb
    Jordan Kolb
    23:53 20 Oct 19
    Rob S
    Rob S
    22:47 20 Oct 19
    Excellent service. Will 100% use again
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    “I was in the market to sell my house fast & I needed to sell it quick. I didn’t want the hassle of a long wait, putting more money into it, ect. I spoke to the owner and explained my situation. He was very, very patient with me and open to hearing my situation. He did not put on the typical salesperson attitude or just ask me how much he can give me. He asked me the basics but what impressed me the most was he asked me what’s important to me, not what’s important to him. I had some difficult obstacles to overcome and Savannah went out of there way to help me with those obstacles. They came back with a very reasonable cash offer for the inherited house and we were able to close within a very short period of time. If you need a fast cash Buyer in New Jersey call up Ricky & Steve

    If you’re looking to sell your property, Savannah is your go to organization.”



    -Kyle H. of New Jersey


    Steve Kipnis

    Built Savannah Properties, a New Jersey based house-flipping company that nets $1mm annually. Today, Steve is a licensed salesperson in 2 states and has participated in over 200 real estate transactions as a Flipper, Landlord, Realtor, Contractor, and Lender.

    Steve lives in the Princeton, New Jersey area with his wife and 3 daughters. In his free time he enjoys relaxing with family and watching his daughters grow!

    Ricky Morgan 

    Help Build Savannah Properties from the ground up starting in 2019, he specializes with customer relationships and helping sellers get exactly what they want. Ricky has helped 100s of sellers throughout the year and prioritizes speed and reliability for all of our clients.

    When you sell your home to us, you can expect the BEST treatment. To help you with the transition of selling your home faster, we make the process of buying your home super fast. This means that a fast offer for your home that will be expected in 24 hours.

    Things to Know

    • Cash Offers May Be Lower: Cash buyers often provide conveniences like a quicker closing and the option to sell the house “as is,” which can save you money on repairs. However, these offers are typically lower than those which are financed​​. If you’re looking for the easiest way to sell a house a cash local home buyer such as Savannah Properties.

    How to Sell

    • Selling to a Home Buying Company: If your house isn’t market-ready or you want to bypass the traditional selling process, selling to a home buying company might be quicker than working with a real estate agent. This process will typically be simple. A quick phone call, send photos or a possible walk through, and a simple one page Cash offer. If the number works for you, sit back and we take care of the rest.

    Fastest Way to Sell

    • All-Cash Deal Process: The first step is to sign the contract after accepting the buyer’s cash offer and completing a Purchase and Sale Agreement. The next step is to verify proof of funds to ensure the buyer has the cash available​​. Next we deposit earnest money to our local title company to show we are serious about closely as fast as possible.

    Selling Process

    • Avoid Scams: There are many “online offers” that are looking to get your property under contract and sell the rights off to other investors to make a profit. Avoid working with these “wholesalers”. Instead sell directly to us! You will get our best price and work directly with our small local team until the day of closing.

    For a detailed selling process and to ensure you’re well-informed throughout, consider consulting with a real estate professional who has experience in cash transactions. This will provide you with a level of expertise and can help navigate any complexities that may arise during the sale. Savannah Properties has purchased hundreds of homes in New Jersey over the past decade, we have dealt with it all with no customers being left unsatisfied.

    What does that mean?

    We can get cash in your pockets quicker than any other buyers in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. We have closed as quickly as 3 days and will do whatever it takes to get the deal closed on your time. If you need an extra few weeks to move out no problem, you pick the closing date! Unlike a lot of other investors in the area that use hard money loans that are dependent on an appraisal and outside financing to purchase your house. Savannah Properties will buy your house for cash and is ready to close as soon as title is cleared!

    Savannah Properties is one of the largest homebuyers in the state of New Jersey. If you need to sell your house fast, we will buy in cash in as-is condition. We also help people stop foreclosures in New Jersey, we buy vacant houses and Inherited properties. Selling a house as executor in New Jersey? Savannah Properties helps people sell houses going through a divorce, a house in probate, or people who may be behind on their taxes. We buy houses in New Jersey every single week, our home buying specialist will help you make the right decision on the best way to sell your home without a realtor, or we can always list your property for you.

    Since Savannah Properties are expert home buyers we have helped hundreds of people get their home sold fast in New Jersey! Some examples of problems we have solved for our customers are:


    What Problems we can solve!

    Relocating | Divorce Situation | Downsizing | Avoiding Foreclosure | House Needs A Lot Of Work & Repairs | Probate Situation | Inherited A House But Siblings or Parents Are Living Out Of State | Vacant House But Has Trouble With Squatters Living In The Property | Maintaining Two (2) Or More Houses | Urgent Need Of Cash Due To Significant Medical Attention | Dealing With Frustrating Tenants Trashing Your House And Not Paying Their Rents|selling a house as executor in NJ

    We’re Trusted By Hundreds Of New Jersey Home Owners!

    We Buy Houses in New Jersey In Any Condition! And Whatever Situation You Are In!
    We have been in business for several years and know a thing or two about real estate. We are a team who are experts in finding a win-win solution for your unique house selling situation. We encourage you to visit our “Our Company” to learn more about us and please check out our “Testimonial” to meet our most pleased home owners.

    We’re experts at helping property owners in any and every situation, just like you! Whether you’re facing divorce, foreclosure, the passing of a loved one, or the expensive and time consuming ownership of a rental property… and all kinds of other situations. We buy houses in New Jersey and the surrounding areas and pay a fair cash price, fast. People often work with us because they’re too busy to sell their house and they just don’t have time to do everything that needs to be done to get a house ready to go onto the market. If you’re in that situation, simply reach out to us and tell us about your New Jersey house and sell your house fast for cash.

    If you just don’t want to endure the frustration of homeownership any longer, and if you know that selling your property the traditional way is time consuming and a huge hassle, let us know about the property you’d like to be rid of and sell your house fast for cash.
    Fill out the form or simply call us at (609) 622-4051 to talk to Ricky and the team.

    The common reasons that our clients need to sell their house fast include:

    • Facing some time of financial hardship: If your finances are in jeopardy, you will want to unload your property as soon as possible. Our process only takes about 14 days, and then you won’t have to worry about not having the funds to keep your home.
    • Facing a difficult divorce and need to sell your home fast: Divorce is a common problem that people often face, and we can help you.
    • Your house has been on the market for a long time: Not quickly selling your house can be expensive, especially if you have already purchased your new home. Instead of waiting for a sale to happen, contact us to get a fair price for your property.
    • Your house is unattractive: First impressions matter. If you want to sell your home without potential buyers who are hesitant to check out your house, contact us today.
    • Your house needs much work to get top dollar for it: You could spend a great deal of money trying to sell your house for a lot, but you may not get the best return on the remodeling investment. Instead, take guaranteed cash from us for your home without spending any money on renovations.
    • You need to downsize and want to get rid of your house: We understand that people’s circumstances change, whether it’s because they can no longer afford a bigger home or don’t want to bother with the upkeep. Savannah Properties intends to get you the quick sale for which you are looking.

    We want to help you sell your home ASAP. Whether you are struggling financially, personally, or want to quickly sell your home so that you can close that chapter of your life, Savannah Properties is here to help you get real cash for your home and a quick sale.

    How Does Selling My Property to Savannah Properties Work?

    When you go through the typical selling process, you have to leave your home every time someone comes to check out your house. You have to wait for offers and hope that you get a reasonable one for it. Then you have to wait for the other person to secure funding from the bank to be able to afford your home. It’s a long, stressful, and complicated process that you end up paying for mentally and financially.

    But what if there was a better outcome? Savannah Properties offers you the best solution. When you are ready to sell your home, you can contact us, and then we will get ahold of you and schedule a time that works for you to see your home. We will come out and meet with you, then evaluate your home so that you can get a fast and fair amount of money for your house. If you accept our offer, you can have the cash in your hands within 24 hours of agreeing. Within 14 days, the house will no longer be your problem. If you want a quick sale, Savannah Properties is the team that you need to trust to buy your home.

    The best part of this whole thing is that you don’t have to deal with all of the stress of a traditional sale. You don’t have to spend a long time hoping that you get the money you deserve for your home so that you can move on with your life.

    Sell Your Home Quickly and Fuss-Free for Cash Today!

    At Savannah Properties, you will be working with a reputable business that you can trust with buying your home for real cash. We have several years of experience with buying homes from sellers who want a quick and painless sale. Buying houses for money is what we specialize in, no matter what your reason is for selling. Even if you don’t think your house is worth much, you should still contact us today. We buy houses in any condition, offering the fairest price for your home.

    There’s no trick or fine print about which you need to worry. There are no hidden fees or middlemen that you will owe a commission. Whether you need the financial help of a quick sale or you wish to be done with your property, contact us today.


      We are trustworthy local investors and we will treat you professionally and with respect.


      We have over 7 years experience in the New Jersey real estate market.


      We pay cash. No banks, realtors, inspections necessary.


      We buy your house as-is. No improvements. No repairs. No cleaning.


      We can close quickly. Sometimes as fast as 10 days.

    Click on fast home sale to learn about the best way to sell and increase the value of your home in New Jersey!