5 Tips For Moving With Kids in New Jersey

Are you moving with kids while you’re out of state? Or even just across the street? Remember it is as stressful for you as it is for your kids. But the move doesn’t really have to be stressful for anyone. Check out these tips that we have compiled. This would make moving with kids a piece of cake.

5 Tips For Moving With Kids in California

Tips For Moving With Kids!

Everyone knows that saying goodbye is really hard. It’s hard to say it to your friends and even harder to do it in the place that you grew up in. This is harder for kids, especially if they don’t have any clue why they have to do it in the first place. They don’t really know that moving would eventually be the best choice for them in the long run. Here are tips that you can try if you are moving with kids.

Tip #1: Talk To Them

The moment you are 100% sure you are moving, tell them to your kids. Make them feel that they are part of everything. Discuss all the new and exciting changes that are about to happen.

Let them know that all of their belongings like toys, books, and clothes will all be coming with you and tell them all the wonderful benefits of your move.

Tip #2: Get to Know Your New House

If you live near the house, try to get them excited by visiting and showing it. Let them see their rooms and ask them how they want to decorate it. You can also show them pictures if you live far away. ASk them to use google to search for the area.

You can even draw out a room and make them rearrange the furniture, choose what paint color you will be using and picture how they want it to look.

Tip #3: Let Them Help With Packing

Make sure that your kids know that their belongings are just being packed up and not being thrown out! Other older kids might understand what’s going on but younger kids might be devastated if you don’t explain it to them. Allow them to help pack their things and you can also ask them to decorate the boxes so they can easily see it while moving.

Get their room set up first even though it could mean ordering pizza for a couple of days and keeping all your kitchen stuff in the boxes for a while. If they are already familiar with the place, their anxiety could die down fast.

Tip #4: Get to Know The Neighbors and the New Area

Be part of the community as soon as possible. Invite people that live on your street for a housewarming party and introduce yourself. Participate in activities that will help you and your kids gain new friends. If your child is shy, help them think of a way to break the ice. Talk to them about the benefit of making new friends.

Tip #5: Keep Your Routines

Do you always get ice cream on Saturday afternoons? Or maybe you spend Sunday mornings at the park? Whatever routines you can keep, you should do so.

Be consistent with meal times and bedtimes. Keeping your kids in their routine will definitely help keep them calm and will help you feel a sense of order.

Remember, while moving with kids might be hard on you, it is even harder on your kids. Stay positive with them and make the whole process a grand adventure as much as possible. Make the process memorable, fun, and stress-free for them. (It will help you feel more relaxed too!)