5 Ways To Tell A Great Home Buyer From A Bad One In New Jersey

You are in the market to sell your house and are comparing home buyers in New Jersey. How can you identify if you met a great home buyer or a bad one? With the wonders of today’s internet, you are able to do your homework on just about anything or anyone! Check with credible rating sources to see what other people’s experiences have been, see if they are active on social media, how does their website looks? What kind of property do they regularly purchase?

Quick Cash

Fast Cash For House Nj

The best homebuyers can offer you a quick close! They can do it in as little as 2 business days. Yes, oftentimes they can offer to pay you in cash but there are some times where they can be creative and offer you other terms. These should be terms that are based on your situation. A bad home buyer are difficult to reach out to, they may offer you a fast closing but theyt constantly delay or do not return your phone calls or emails. If they do close, they may have had to be qualified for a loan first, and hopefully, they are able to have the final closing. Great home buyers will also not typically renegotiate unless extraneous situations arise or hidden facts are uncovered. Bad home buyers may try to readjust the price, maybe even multiple times.

Great Reviews

great home buyer will have tons of reviews, mostly positive. We all know that things happen, and sometimes people make mistakes, so there may be some negative reviews. This shouldn’t cloud your judgement too much at first, but make sure to read if he/she has responded to the reviews. If they did, how did they handle the situation? Do you agree with how they handled it? If you were the seller in that situation, would you have been settled? Also, don’t be afraid to ask around. Check people who might know this person.

Their Personality

Great home buyers with a positive attitude will always follow through. You know that they are committed when they call you on the agreed date and time. They will talk a good game, and back it up too! While bad home buyers will gain your trust just to disappoint you at the end. Can you imagine spending your time and effort tidying up and cleaning the house for hours but got a no show buyer? They will set appointments with you but never intend to keep their word by not calling you back or never showing up.


great home buyer has multiple references you can reach out to find out how they make business. They will not hesitate to answer any of your questions. Otherwise, it may be a red flag and a sign they are a bad home buyer. Are they active on social media or do they have other rating websites? Does it list reviews or have public reviews to read? What are the usual comments? Are they situation-specific, or is it a really general, too good to be true review that makes you question if someone intentionally wrote it for their own gain? It is only right you do your own evaluation.


The main agenda of a great home buyer is to set a close date fast anywhere between 2 to 30 days and will give a deposit. They stay in contact with the title company and will not rush you out of the property. A bad home buyer may ignore the closing date or even extend it multiple times and may have never submitted their deposit according to the contract. If the buyer uses financing, there will be items listed on the commitment letter. Bad home buyers will have multiple issues listed on their commitment, possibly questioning sources of funds and a sudden drop in credit score.