Selling Your House While Divorcing in New Jersey

Keep on reading this blog post to get suggestions about selling your house while divorcing in New Jersey If you have difficulty and you are trying to figure out what to do with a property during a divorce, then this blog post will surely help.

If your in the midst of a difficult situation as other divorcing couples experiencing, we know that it will be as challenging and emotional for you to decide and figure out how to go about selling your house. We will present to you our best ideas and scheme to help you steer the real estate part of your affliction of your divorce situation.

Houses In Divorce Can Be Complicated

In the course of a divorce, the two decided parties want to divide their liquid assets (such as money). This thing is very easy not like the other assets which is the asset from real estate. How to split the house is a difficult one for both parties. It’s one asset that derives its value from being whole, and it’s usually a structure built on a plot of land, so it’s not going anywhere.

The big question will be who would be the one to get it or the other? And maybe in the process of divorce, both parties can talk about who is capable of taking over the house and capable of paying it (which is a massive expense at a time that people rarely want to incur such expenses). So in the long run cutting the house down the middle isn’t an easy option.

The best deal to split the real estate asset is to sell it:

In selling a property is associated with high costs and may incurred more expenses. The sale of a house is associated with the high cost of marital disagreement and there might be outstanding bills, or there might still be a partial outstanding mortgage on the property. So both divorcing parties might or there’s a big chance in selling their property and direct their attorneys to apply the money earned from the equity to any outstanding debts. The remaining amount can then be divided between each party, with each party getting an agreed-upon percentage (such as 50/50).

But the real — how do you sell the property?

Selling Your House While Divorcing in New Jersey
The fastest way

In the sale of the house, most people usually gets the help or hires an real estate agent to ease the stress, but in reality…some problem will arise:

  • the agent will then involve both parties in the negotiation with the buyer and there is A LOT of paperwork to shuffle back and forth
  • the agent will then list the house, which can take 3-6 months to sell (sometimes longer) — can either party wait that long?
  • the agent will make the owners pay out-of-pocket to fix up the property first — but who pays for that?

The process is time consuming and very much costly to sell, and it could actually make the divorce proceedings in a much worse situation.

Luckily, there’s the best way to sell your house to a real estate buying firm (which is what we do here at Savannah Properties). The real estate buying firm will buy your house rapidly, for cash, in as-is condition (and as a bonus, there are no commissions or fees to pay). You don’t have to clean up or fix up the property and the sale can be completed in days, not months, with very little paperwork.

If you’re going through a divorce and want to just be done with it and move on with your life, just reach out to us and tell us about the house you want to sell. We specialize in buying divorce houses and we can help you expedite your divorce by buying this house from you.