5 Things Homeowners Should Know About Working With A Real Estate Agent in New Jersey

Do you need to sell your house in New Jersey? We have 5 things homeowners should know about working with a real estate agent to help sell your house. 

For some homeowners, this might work but there are a few things you should know before hiring a New Jersey real estate agent to help you when it’s time to sell your house in New Jersey.  The first instinct may be to call up a local real estate agent to get your house up on the MLS. 

The Costs Can Be High


Just make sure that you are aware of all of the costs that typically go into a successful listing if you decide to sell your house with a New Jersey real estate agent.  Aside from the high cost that will be deducted from your offer when the house sells, you will have numerous expenses to deal with before your house even hits the market. At the start, you’ll need to make some basic repairs and have it cleaned professionally.  There could be marketing costs such as photography and staging that isn’t covered in the scope of your listing agreement. Some homeowners will even have an inspection done on their own so they know what to expect once potential buyers have done something. Add all of this to your holding costs, and you’ll see how a simple listing can quickly turn into bills costing thousands.

It May Take Awhile

It will typically take much longer for a traditional sale to be completed as opposed to a direct sale as this varies from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city.  In fact, at nationwide statistics, houses will take over two months to get an offer. While your house is listed, you will still have to pay taxes, maintenance, your mortgage, utilities, and insurance. Not to mention, you will have no idea how long the sale can take, giving you zero ability to plan ahead. Don’t miss out on your dream property because your house is caught up in a listing agreement that doesn’t make sense.

Not All Agents Are The Same

If you decide to list your house with a real estate agent in New Jersey make sure it is someone who comes highly referred and can be certainly trusted.  As some agents are there to help and provide genuine service, there others who are simply after that commission check.  To sell your house faster, they will encourage you to take less than it’s worth just so they are able to cash in before your agreement expires, also,  will encourage you to make expensive upgrades. 

Your House May Not Sell

If you decide to list and spend money getting your house ready for the MLS, make sure that you won’t be devastated if you do not see the returns you wish. It is not just because you list your house and ask for a certain amount, does not mean that you will get it. Don’t get frustrated as you found out spending money to list homes for sale. It is not because you fix things up and spending money to make the house look as good as possible, does not ensure you will get an offer. Working with a real estate agent in New Jersey is no guarantee if or when you will receive an offer. And if you do, they will try to negotiate to lower the price.

You Have Other Options

For certain houses and situations, investing money into the property before selling it can be a huge waste. The good news is that hiring a real estate agent in New Jersey is not the only way to sell your house. Factor in the commissions, holding costs, and closing expenses, and you could be looking at thousands of dollars down the drain. Another good idea is to sell your house to a direct buyer such as Savannah Properties. It will allow you to sell your house fast when working with a direct buyer as no fees will be deducted from the offer and you’ll know exactly what to expect when the closing will take place.

Be sure that you are aware of all of your available options and how they will affect you if you need to sell your house in New Jersey.  People aren’t always aware of the costs, time, and frustrations entail. We encourage you to run the numbers for your property so you can choose options that make the most sense as some homeowners have been known to brush off the idea of a direct sale because of the lower prices associated with them. However, once you factor in the time, money, and energy that goes into listing your New Jersey house, you will see that the selling methods will produce similar results. Just reach out to us if you have any questions on what and how we can help you sell your house fast inNew Jersey!