6 Signs It Might Be Time to Sell Your Home in New Jersey

Many people are having second thoughts when they first thought about selling their home. Read this post to know the signs it might be time to sell your home in New Jersey.

6 Signs It Might Be Time to Sell Your Home in New Jersey

1. You Need More Space!

Did you add more stuff or perhaps there’s a new addition to the family? If you are feeling cramped and overwhelmed – then it’s time to move on. You will eventually need more space as your family grows. Not just for the person himself but for all of his stuff, too. Are you working from home and need an office to be really successful? Have you been dreaming of having your own man cave – but never had space? Whatever your reason is, if you feel you’re lacking space in your home, then it’s time to go!

2. Empty Nest

If your kids have all moved out or if your house seems too big for you, you may wanna think about downsizing this time to a smaller home. Good thing about that is, it will only require minimal maintenance, you will also save on utilities and taxes. Offloading years off accumulated “stuff” can be a relief and it can eventually put more cash inside your pocket. Cleaning a home and maintaining space can be burdensome as you get older and older.

3. Your Community Has Changed

When you first moved in, your neighborhood has only a few families. But now, there are major roads, coffee shops, more people and heavy traffic are there wherever you go. Crime rates may have also risen. The other modern homes have probably risen your taxes. Do you live somewhere with a rigid HOA? You might want to think about relocating to a location you will love if If you don’t LOVE the neighborhood you live in any longer!

4. You Can’t Stand The Weather

Are you always complaining about the heat and humidity? Or maybe the cold and the snow in MAY! Are you sick and tired of all these? Well, nobody should live in a place where they are unhappy. Your home should be a happy place! Stop wasting your time and living in a climate that is not suited for you and you really hate! Now is the best time to sell and relocate to a place where you can call your happy place, all year round!

5. Capital Gains

Home prices have gone considerably in New Jersey over the past few years! If you sell your home now, you get the chance to gain up to $250,000 in tax-free capital gains provided, of course, that you have lived in that home for at least 2 years. Does someone else own the house with you? If so, that number jumps to $500,000 that you can collect in capital gains… tax-free.

6. You Are Spending More Time Commuting Than With Your Family

Spending time with your friends and family is so important in maintaining your happiness. Commute times are longer than ever and people are spending hours a day in their vehicle or on public transport. In the long run, missing out on quality time, and feeling stress to get home before the kids fall asleep, aren’t the kind of memories most people want to make. Moving closer to your job will save you time, money, and lower your stress levels!