How Much Is Hesitating To Sell Your Los Angeles House Really Costing You?

Do you have a house in New Jersey that you really want to sell? Hesitating to sell your house in New Jersey can end up costing you a lot of money! Read this blog post to learn how much and how you can avoid it!

Many people do not have an idea of how much hesitating to sell is costing them. These amounts are even more brutal if you really don’t like the home you’re living or the investment property you own. Spending thousands of your hard-earned money on a house that is just not right for you is not a wise idea. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Keep reading to know more about the costs that you are stuck with if you are hesitating to sell your house in New Jersey!

Hesitating To Sell Your New Jersey House: How much is it costing you?

Your Mortgage

The average amount of mortgage in the United States costs homeowners about $1,050 each month. This can actually amount to thousands of dollars that you need to spend out of pocket in several months. Think about how much it will cost you if you continue holding on to a property that you don’t really want and you’re not truly happy with. Ask this simple question to yourself: “Why do I need to continue throwing away my hard-earned money when you could be spending it to something that you truly want?”

Homeowners Insurance

Your property insurance rate may range between several hundred to several thousand dollars each year (depending on your property and where you actually live). You will be surprised at how high your bills really are when you add it all up.

Property Taxes

You are responsible for all the property taxes of your house up until the closing date. This is one of your responsibilities as a homeowner. Be aware that property taxes may vary by state. If you break it all down, regardless of where you live, it will still cost you hundreds of dollars each month. If you choose to sell directly to an investor, your obligation would end much quicker since we can close in as little as 7 days. This is in contrast to selling through an agent where you will have to wait for months or years before selling. Meaning you’ll have to pay for taxes while waiting for a buyer to come along.

Maintenance and Repairs

Woman fixing kitchen sink

You won’t realize how much each trip to the home depot is costing you each month unless you pay attention to it. Repairs, cleaning costs, and landscaping can really add up quickly! The cost of minimal repair and regular maintenance surprises a lot of homeowners. They could be shocked when they total everything up and when they see all the costs on paper. You might be surprised as well if you see how much you’re really spending owning a property in New Jersey.

Utility Bills & Other Fees

Regardless if you live in the house in the house or not, you will be facing utility costs each and every month. Electricity, gas, water will all need to stay on right until the property has been sold. This means you’ll have to double your utility bills especially if you are living somewhere other than the house. Many homeowners also have to pay HOA fees or what they call property management costs.

Opportunity Loss

What are the things that you are really missing out by continuing to hold on to a property that you don’t really like? You could be missing out on your dream house or a more lucrative investment property. If you actually decided to sell your house in New Jersey, the process can take months up to a year! Working with a traditional real estate agent does not guarantee a closing date. Even if your neighbor’s house is sold quickly, it doesn’t mean it could happen to yours. Yours can take months!

Frustration, Stress, and Anger

It doesn’t make sense to let yourself be stressed out because of a house! People oftentimes find themselves in difficult situations just because they got used to things. Maybe the house has a leaky roof or it doesn’t get warm in the winter. The truth is,. you could let it all go. You don’t really have to deal with any of them anymore. With a direct sale to Savannah Properties, you’ll be able to end all of your frustrations and stress quickly! You will be able to sell your house for a great price no matter what shape the house is in. You could be worry-free and can move on as quickly as possible.