Realtor Vs A Cash Buyer To Sell Your House?

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When planning to sell a house, it is always prudent to make necessary repairs and upgrades in order to fetch the best prices and get it off the market quickly.

However, many homeowners have the misconception that investing in expensive renovations directly results in a high rate of return on investment.

The truth of the matter is that there are some renovations that can really hurt the sale of your house and you’ll most likely not recover the cost of these renovations.

Some of these renovations don’t add any value to your property while others are downright counterintuitive, which means that they actually lower the value of your property.

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We buy houses in whichever condition they are and we ensure that you get a guaranteed fair cash offer.

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In this article, we delve into some types of renovations that can hurt the sale of your house.

Too Much Personalization And Customization

Even though we all love our homes to reflect who we are, when you are planning on selling your home, personal and custom renovations should be avoided at all costs.

You should never force your view on what the property should look like when you are putting it in the market.

What appeals to you may not be what appeals to your potential buyers. They want to buy a home and turn the space into their own.

However, if they feel that the house is ‘too much’ someone else and requires a lot of renovations to turn it into something appealing to them they’ll definitely pass on buying the house.

Renovations That Lead To The Overpricing Of Your Property

It is important to note that one of the factors that realtors use to determine the value of a home in the neighborhood it is in and the homes around that area.

Conducting large and expensive renovations and remodels can price you outside the neighborhood you are in. When making renovation plans, you should consider the standards of the other homes in your neighborhood.

The lower value of other homes in your neighborhood will pull the value of your home down even if it is the best in the area.

Poorly Done DIY Projects

When carrying out renovations, it is always important to ensure that you seek professional help. You may be tempted to carry out to do projects yourself in order to save money.

However, your bid to save some extra cash may cost you dearly in the future. Potential buyers scrutinize every inch of your house and will spot your poor workmanship.

This leads to you having to get the job redone and you end up paying more than what you’d have paid if you’d have hired a professional initially.

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