Selling a house as executor in NJ

The True Costs of An FSBO Listing for Phoenix Investors

If you inherited a property in New Jersey and are wondering, “how do I sell an inherited house quickly?” Savannah Properties is here to help. We can kind you through the entire probate process and work with probate attorneys and estate attorneys to help guide your family for an easy transaction. Selling a family house in New Jersey has never been easier. Don’t want to list a family house on the market in NJ? Savannah Properties buys homes directly from the executor in NJ. Give Us a call today if you’re selling a house as executor in New Jersey!


Selling a house as executor in NJ to Savannah Properties all you need to do is take the stuff from the house that you want to keep and leave the rest! No clean up selling your inherited property in New Jersey!


We got you covered! Selling a house as executor in NJ has never been easier! Sell your probate house as-is to Savannah Properties!


If you are going to stage your home with new or borrowed items, you’ll need a place for your stuff. Do clear out some of the clutter, you might consider renting a storage until to house all of your unnecessary items while your house is on the market.


Before listing the property, you’ll want to make any necessary repairs. Seeing even one or two things broken can leave a bad impression with your potential buyers. They might wonder what else is wrong with the house. You may face more repair costs once the inspection has been done in order to satisfy the buyer and their lender.

No Repairs needed to be made when you sell to Savannah Properties! Selling a house as executor in NJ for cash has never been easier!


During the pandemic showing your house could seem like a nightmare. Selling a house as executor in NJ to Savannah Properties makes your life easy. We just need one walk through and we give you an offer to buy your house!

You’ll use printed materials during open houses, for people who come to see the home and to be left out front so people passing by can quickly access the property’s information. You can also choose to leave some flyers with local businesses or to put up on school or community billboards. This kind of advertising still works!


We’ve all seen those listing where the photos were taken with a cell phone, maybe out of a car window. These aren’t going to cut it if you want your home to stand out. The use of a professional photographer can help you sell your house faster!

The Risks

When Selling a house as executor in New Jersey on your own, there are some risks to be aware of. Not having things done legally, not selling for what the home is worth, and not having any guarantees can be huge risks when you take matters into your own hands.

Your Options

Aside from selling on your own, you could choose to hire an agent to help. However, just like an FSBO listing, there are no guarantees with an agent either. Your other option is to avoid all the costs altogether, and sell your property to [compnay]! We always pay fair prices, while handling all of the details! Learn more about how we can help!

We can help you avoid the costs of an FSBO listing! Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you!  (609) 546-4214